Get our usheru online ticketing solution for your cinema. You can embed it in your existing website.

How it works

We set up your cinema and pricing through our backend - which you will be able to access through your own login details

From the backend you can alter listings, change pricings, set up offers and keep track of sales

We provide you with an iframe for your cinema website or we create you a stand alone site

We send you a private link to download our Android scanner app

Customers can book their tickets in 3 clicks and can check in easily at your cinema through our eticket scanner

We will send you consumer data and sales reports every two weeks

Happy customers / Happy cinema / Happy usheru

Why usheru?

Customers can book in 3-clicks.

Have increased security by easily checking customers in via our Android scanner app, which just needs a quick download.

Tickets can be sold through your cinema website, as well as on the usheru app and website. Increased visibility = increased sales.

Gather data on your consumer. Learn who they are and what they like.

All records written on your system and data are owned by you.

Who uses usheru online ticketing?

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